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Weekend Service Times: 8:30am • 9:45am & 11:00am

100 W. Albany St. | Broken Arrow, OK | 918-258-4575

A Devotional:

Understand the Times…

“from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do—200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command;”

– 1 Chronicles 12:32

A large church in Texas was about to shut its doors due to embezzlement by senior church leaders. The church was 5.5 million dollars in debt and had no money to pay the staff their salaries. This large church needed Divine Intervention and a leader to help them get out of this mess. The retired pastor of that church came out of retirement to help the church get back on its feet. He challenged the church to pray for three things:

  1. “Lord, is this of You?” – In other words, “Lord, do you want this church to continue?” If the answer is yes, then on to the second question.
  2. “Lord, what is my part?” The answer from the Lord meant you were open to whatever He is telling you what to do. It may mean giving more money, or it may mean to pray more for the church. The answer would demand a sacrifice from the person praying and they were willing to do it.
  3. The final prayer was this, “Lord, bless your people so they may give.” 

Within three years, the church raised six million dollars. It was enough to pay their debt and start a non-profit to help the community.

We, as individuals, come across crossroads like these all the time. We face various circumstances and situations personally, professionally, and spiritually. In times like these, we need to be like the men of Issachar that understood the times and know what to do.

I don’t know what situation you are going through. It could be the loss of a job, a decision about a terminally ill family member, a sour relationship, or a new opportunity. When faced with tough decisions, my encouragement to you are these 3 prayers:

  1. “Lord, help me to see what you are doing in this situation.” It could be God is growing you spiritually in different areas like patience, humility, or endurance. Listen to what God is saying to you.
  2. “Lord, what is my part?” What does God want you to do in this situation? Is it to be patient or His he preparing you for a move?
  3. “Lord, please provide the resources I need to do Your will.” He may need to provide you with wisdom, strength, finances, or open a new door. 

Finally, do not forget to journal what God is saying to you. It’s always good to re-read what you wrote to remind you and encourage you as you navigate your situation.

Rockie Nasser
Director of Women’s Ministries
First Baptist Broken Arrow

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