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Weekend Service Times: 8:30am • 9:45am & 11:00am

100 W. Albany St. | Broken Arrow, OK | 918-258-4575

A Devotional:

No Regrets

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind…”

– Luke 10:27

Billy Borden was born into a wealthy Chicago family, a benefactor of his father’s holdings in silver mining and real estate. He gave his life to Christ under the preaching of R.A. Torrey at the Moody Church in Chicago.

For a high school graduation present, his dad gave him a trip around the world. When Billy returned to Chicago, his world- view was permanently changed by the “lost-ness” he observed overseas. He decided to give up a life of affluence and ease, and prepare instead for a life of Christian service. When he made that decision, he wrote in the flyleaf of his Bible “No Reserve”.

He enrolled at Yale University where he began a prayer group.  At the end of his freshman year, the group numbered over 100. By the time he graduated, over 1,000 young men were meeting each week to pray. By this time his father, angered by Billy’s decision to serve Christ rather than wealth, told him he could never again work in the father’s company. Billy wrote in the flyleaf of his Bible “No Retreat”.

Bill Borden graduated from Yale, went on to graduate from Princeton Theological Seminary, and felt called to work with a people group in Northern China. He moved to Cairo, Egypt for language school, but soon contracted cerebral meningitis, and died in Cairo at the age of 25. Shortly before his death, he had written in the flyleaf of his Bible, “No Regrets”.

As we serve Christ in whatever capacity He has designed for us, our mindset should reflect the mindset of Bill Borden: No Reserve, No Retreat, and No Regrets. We will hold nothing back, we will not go back, and we will serve Christ out of deep love with all of our soul, our strength and our minds, never looking back.

THOUGHT: “I gave, I gave My life for thee, What hast thou giv’n for me?” (Frances Havergal)

PRAY: Master, may my life be characterized by selfless service. Thank You for allowing me the precious opportunity to devote my life to serving You by serving others.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

John G. Gage
Worship Pastor

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