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Weekend Service Times: 8:30am • 9:45am & 11:00am

100 W. Albany St. | Broken Arrow, OK | 918-258-4575

Sunday School and Small Groups

PRESCHOOL: 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00am
SPECIAL NEEDS: On-campus and virtual, contact Kayla Gilliam at
CHILDREN: 9:45 and 11:00am
STUDENTS: 6th-12th grade meet in the gym at 9:45am

Adult Sunday School & Small Groups

Location Key:

Sundays 8:30am
Bruce Armlovich (Kids Leaders)
BA - CH205
Charlie Smith (Couples 40-49)
BA - GYM206
Frankie Brewer (Woman Multi-Age)
BA - ATR114
Gary Jones (Couples 60+)
John Lawrence (Men Multi-Age)
BA - ATR112
Wanda Blackford (Woman 50+)
BA - ATR113
Sundays 9:45am
Bill Kent (Young Couples)
BA - GYM215/216
Blake Sunderland (Young Married)
BA - GYM208
Bruce McIntyre (Men Multi-Age)
BA - ATR113
Chris Esau (Couples 30-50)
BA - GYM203
David Ross (Young Couples)
BA - GYM207
Dennis Smith (Multi-Age)
BA - ATR110
Jeff Holmes (Couples Multi-Age)
BA - GYM213
Jimmy Carter (Couples 40-60)
BA - GYM214
Joe Pat Vaughn (Couples Multi-Age)
BA - GYM210
John Long (Couples 30-50)
BA - GYM206
Mirl Whisman (Couples 60+)
BA - ATR106
Starting Point (Young Adults 18-24)
BA - GYM211/212
Steve Williams (Couples 60+)
BA - ATR105
Steve Wolfe (Couples Multi-Age)
BA - ATR101
Ted Converse (couples 35-45)
BA - GYM205
Sundays 11:00am
Art Kerr (Couples Multi-Age)
BA - GYM205
Bob Wagoner (Men Multi-Age)
BA - GYM202
Charlie Polston (Couples 45-59)
BA - GYM208
Charlotte Parker (Woman Multi-Age)
BA - ATR114
Claude Farris (Multi-Age)
BA - ATR101
Don Thompson (Couples 55-70)
Hobe Ewing (Couples 60+)
Jim Furr (Couples 45-59)
BA - GYM214
John Burroughs (Couples 40-49)
BA - GYM203
John Chennault (Couples 60+)
BA - GYM211/212
Larry Wells (Young Couples)
BA - GYM215/216
Lee Larry/Kenneth Newton (Singles Multi-Age)
BA - ATR113
Lindsey King (Woman Multi-Age)
BA - GYM209
Luwann Thompson (Woman Multi-Age)
BA - ATR112
Marty Wagoner (Women Multi-Age)
BA - GYM201
Mike Stowe (Couples 45-59)
BA - GYM213
Phillip Smith (Couples 45-59)
BA - GYM206
Randy Gaylor (Men Multi-Age)
BA - GYM204

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